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Member Founder, Marie Warren

As a teenager 45 years ago, the founder was introduced to the

emerging world of magnetic-tape, selectric typewriters and

transcription equipment in the Paperwork Capital of the World—Washington, DC. People knowledgeable in this technology was

limited, making this the perfect in-roads for a young person

possessing those skills.

This opened the door to working quite varied markets: Nobel Peace Prize awardee, Television News crews, large Law Firms, and iconic locations such as The Pentagon, The World Bank, and The Watergate. 

Three years later, she moved to the next plateau—assembling a 24-hour, desktop publishing service, locating it three blocks from the White House. It was equipped with the newest IBM computers and their (very large) counterpart laser printers. An overnight-transcription service was added, which lawyers found particularly useful. 

Mail-merge letters was new and thrilling, as large data-entry and mail-merge jobs for The Political Action Committees (PAC’s) and Senators and Congressmen were accomplished. The center was proud when they serviced a contract for President Carter’s Administration for their Cultural Affairs Division.

With the acquisition of a 13-year contract with Scripta Technica Inc.(a subsidiary of John Wiley Publishing in NY) was the introduction of doing publisher-ready work. These were specifically technical, scientific journals, later opening the door to annua reports for E.F. Hutton and such.

Today, this expertise is put to use in the production and overseeing of editing, proofing, typing, and transcribing of diverse assignments, and helping others administratively.   

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