Message: "I Can't Type-Will You Transcribe?"

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Not having to live with physical constraints can lead one to "forgetting" that which others have to continually contend--until all of a sudden it appears at one's own front door; or in my case, as one of the first messages I opened in my inbox today.

A Realization of Others Needing Help

I found this to be an amazing story in itself, because here is someone reaching out, asking for help. He is hindered, yet forging forward. He was able to find me, get a message sent, explaining his project. [He is doing a biography of his life. He'd been dictating and saving the bits on audio--trying to figure out how to get it into a more final form, and where to find someone.] And he made contact.

This entire circumstance was personally compelling, and at the same time, added a phenomenon of wanting to better understand the fate of a lot of people, and how many people are afflicted with this situation. I start researching; delving into what conditions, issues, situations would stop a person from being able to type, and when finished, I literally had a list! With all the years of doing this, why had I never encountered that there's a whole section of people needing help? Never before did I have the idea of how many people had physical issues stopping them from typing!

Another email (responding to a Craigslist ad) was awaiting me. A lady going through a civil dispute regarding her son, can no longer type for very long any more (she named her ailment). The lady had tried an audio-to-text software (a popular one), but found she needed the text copy to be more exact, and a very specific format, being that it's a legal document. Obviously, I accepted her legal documents and transcription, and I am piecing it together. Am thrilled to be able to help this disabled lady with her situation.

But it also evolved into making a decision (which gives an even bigger purpose to what we are doing here). Thus, I am reaching out to help these folks. If you know someone who is stopped from being able to do their own typing work, there is a group here that will help. Forward this to them!

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